Amazing Florida is a photographic journey celebrating faces + places of the Sunshine State. Florida is known around the world for its beaches, theme parks, tropical climate, laid back attitude, alligators, and the all-too-frequent "only in Florida" headline. With over 1,300 miles of coastline, the wild and mysterious Everglades (home of the elusive Skunk Ape), and never being more than 60 miles from the ocean wherever you stand, Florida is truly one of the most unique states in our great country. Whether you have a relative who has retired here, an annual trip planned to Disney World (the happiest place on Earth, let's not forget!), or just a simple need to escape the brutal winter months most of the country is forced to endure, nearly everyone has a connection to Florida. 

This project aims to celebrate all the aspects that make Florida world famous, but more importantly it will showcase the other sides of this amazing state. The off-the-beaten path Florida. The Florida that not many tourists–or even locals–get to see. The real Florida. The Florida that is weird, wacky, and wonderful all rolled into one unique little peninsula dangling off the southern-most point of the United States mainland.